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Originally, India is an agriculture powered nation, agriculture is the livelihood of about 60%of the country's population. After agriculture, the importance goes for small-scale industries. The granite industry which is a part of the small-scale industry is now providing employment in Khammam to many rural labors of an unorganized sector and there is no exaggeration in telling that it has exceeded the Singareni sector.

Though it is a small scale industry, it is providing employment in large scale. The employment fiction of large-scale industries is nominal when compared to the employment fiction of indigenous small-scale industry. The government has to re-considerate their way of implementing the schemes only for urbanization and large-scale industries by ignoring the rural area's employment fiction.

Instead of looking after the already established indigenous small-scale industries from not turning into miserable, the government is inviting the corporate companies from developed nations by spending a huge amount on them, which is helping them to increase their wealth by using our resources. The East India Company entered into India before the independence with the intention of taking our country's wealth to England. Now in the 21st century, still the same is continuing with our invitations. In the second world war, Japan was completely destroyed with the attack of an atom bomb, but now it is ranked No.1 position in technology wide because of steps were taken by their government. In the entire world, India has the highest youth, but it failed to formulate a national policy for our country's development that the youth needs. The reason for this failure is refinement and selfish politics.

If we have a great determination then we can achieve anything, our victory over GST is an example for this. I thank each of the political representatives, trade union representatives, tiles association members, print and electronic media representatives and all the people for supporting me in this fight.

There is no meaning for my earlier words if I do not thank my colleagues Sarvasri Vemula Ravi Kumar, Jannalagadda Ravi, Sk.Khasim, Para Nageshwar Rao, Patibandla Yugandhar, Tammineni Venkata Rao, Kanakamedala Sathyanarayana, Balaji Prasad, Ashok Kotari for supporting me in the fight against GST to save the industry.

Finally, I heartily thank executive members, State and District association members for always giving a great support in leading this community forward.

Mankena Shekar

Vice President

K.S.P. Mukarji

Vice President

Garlapati Ragunandan Reddy


Puchakayala Madhava Rao


Thammineni Naveen